STMHS NLPS Student of the Month
Tuesday, February 26, 2013
We are proud to announce

The New London Public Schools’ Student of the Month for February 2013 is Isaiah Gomez, a grade 12, Science & Technology Magnet High School (STMHS) student.

Isaiah Gomez was nominated by his teachers because he exhibits quiet leadership, strong academic performance, and is committed to community involvement.  Isaiah has not allowed life’s challenges to slow down the achievement of his goals.  He possesses a strong determination, and through hard work is focused on getting where he wants to go in life.  Isaiah is punctual, motivated, and always has a smile on his face when he comes your way.

Isaiah is a member of the National Honor Society, and has been a member of the basketball team, which has been a passion of his since he was a freshman.  Some of his many accolades include: A Government Achievement Award; A CAPT Achievement Award; The David Massad Award given to the student who demonstrates diligence and hard work; and making the AVID Honor Roll

Isaiah has completed community service hours far beyond the expected requirement, which includes his volunteer work at a summer program for children with disabilities, and tutoring mentally challenged students at the Winthrop Magnet Elementary STEM School.  Isaiah is the first member of the new, Mitchell College ‘Communications’ course to be offered at STMHS. Isaiah has been and continues to be an honors student whose grades are reflected in his behavior, attitude, and preparation for class. He enjoys reading, both, as a form of relaxation and as an opportunity to learn new things.

Isaiah plans to attend a four year, State university with a major in communications.

STMHS Director, Louis Allen, says “Isaiah is a goal-oriented student who faces every challenge with determination and drive. He never loses his humor, regardless of the obstacles that may face him.  Isaiah is the epitome of the magnet school motto "Failure is Not an Option," and is the personification of Respect and Responsibility.  It has been our good fortune to have had Isaiah as a magnet school student during his high school career. We wish this deserving young man every success as he moves forward to future endeavors, and we are sure that wherever Isaiah goes, that community will be enhanced by his being there.


New London Public Schools will honor Isaiah Gomez at the February 28th Board Meeting.  The NLPS Board meeting begins at 7:00 p.m., and will be held at the Science & Technology Magnet High School. 

Isaiah will also be honored as a New London Rotary Student of the Year, and will attend a Rotary Club Presentation Luncheon in his honor.  The New London Rotary Club offers a huge thanks to a host of local organizations for their generous donations, received each year, which makes it possible to present their monthly, Rotary Student of the Year gift presentations.

NLPS would like to thank the numerous organizations that participate in this motivating program and support our students’ achievements.

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