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Principal's Corner

A Message from the Director

Director, Mrs. Laurelle Texidor

Dear Students,

 We are so pleased that you will be spending the next four years as students in the Science & Technology Magnet High School, where you will experience challenging, project-based STEM strands in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

 We want you to have a well-rounded experience that supports your academic, social and emotional growth. For this reason you:

  • Will have opportunities to earn college credits at neighboring colleges and Advanced-Placement classes in a variety of content areas.

  • Are expected to participate in at least two extra-curricular activities per year

  • Are required to earn at least 60 hours of academic enrichment beyond school hours beginning with the class of 2018

  • Are expected to demonstrate the following:

    Respect for each other
    Respect towards the Staff
    Respect for the building and grounds

  • Will be encouraged to develop your own interests

 Our school provides a stimulating, challenging, and caring environment. It is our job to assist you in reaching your fullest potential. Your job is to give us your best effort in all areas and to push yourself to move beyond perceived obstacles.

 Know that the we are here to support your efforts before, during and after school.

 I look forward to working with you and getting to know you.

 My best regards,
Laurelle Texidor