Testimonials from Alumni:

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"Whats up? its Pat Hanrahan, Class of 2012.  I just wanted to let you know that all is well.

I made it through boot camp and I have started some early math classes at my prep school. I AM SO FAR AHEAD ! The other day we were doing derivatives and the other students were all confused, and I breezed through every problem. My professor told me that I must have had an awesome math teacher in high school and my response was " you have no idea!". Thank you for all the help I really appreciate it. It is going to make this year so easy. I promise I will have a A+ in calculus . Hopefully I'll be able to come and visit during Thanksgiving break."

 Dear Future Students/Applicants,

Attending The Science and Technology Magnet School of South Eastern Connecticut was the smartest decision of my life. The opportunities that you receive from this school far outnumber that of public schools. In my four years at the magnet school and New London High School, I participated in football, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field was inducted into the National Honor Society and made friendships/bonds with student and faculty that will last a life time. Before attending the Magnet School I attended Waterford Public Schools, and often times I found that the curriculum was dull and slow paced, there was never a class I actually had to work at. Things became much different when I attended the magnet school; I was challenged in new and creative ways and worked for every grade. The courses offered not only satisfy your requirements for high school but prepare you for the classes you will take in college. No other schools offer college level class such as Mitchell College Chemistry or UConn Calculus. The school encourages you to challenge yourself, and those challenging courses pay off. I was even blessed enough to participate in Mitchell College Tropical Ecology, where I got to go to Bermuda for one week and explore the coral reefs and ecosystems that make up the island of Bermuda, all of which was paid for by grants secured through the magnet school. Choosing to attend the Magnet School was one of the best decisions of my life, I currently attend and am studying environmental engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute of Technology (WPI), one of the nation’s top engineering school on a 20,000 dollar scholarship, I have also entered my freshman year with 18 college credits (one semesters worth) which have allowed me to skip Calculus 1 and 2 as well as Chemistry 1 and 2. I owe all of my success to the teachers, faculty and staff at NLHS and STMHS for shaping me into the person I am today.

 Greg Castronova
Salutatorian of the New London High School/ NLSTMHS Class of 2012
WPI Class of ‘16
Environmental Engineer